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Sobreviventes do massacre vivem sob ameaça de extermínio

Crédito: Divulgação/via o Globo

Land grabbing burns 3.4 thousand hectares of Piripkura territory where isolated indigenous people live

According to a survey by the Socio-environmental Institute (ISA) and the Global Fire Emissions Database, the Piripkura Indigenous Land (TI), which is home to two of the last three Piripkuras, had an area of 3.4 thousand hectares burned in August, the equivalent to 4.2 thousand football fields. The destruction is the result of the advance of illegal logging and land grabbing in the territory, which uses fire to prepare the land for cattle, according to ISA.

In 2021, an ordinance restricting the use of the Piripkura Indigenous Lands, was renewed for only six months. For indigenous and environmental groups, the time frame is insufficient to guarantee the security of the territory and its inhabitants.

“In a period of six months you can’t implement inspection measures and a police operation to remove these invaders. Knowing the slowness of the federal inspection agencies, they will not be able to move forward with the removal of these invaders,” said Antonio Oviedo, coordinator of ISA’s Protected Areas Monitoring Program. 


ISA (05/10)

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