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No cargo desde 2019, presidente tem atuado em defesa da agenda ruralista

Crédito: Mário Vilela/Ascom-Funai

Indigenous Foundation president uses Federal Police to threaten public servant

The president of National Indian Foundation (FUNAI), Marcelo Augusto Xavier da Silva, mobilized efforts for the opening of an investigation by the Federal Police (PF) against one of the body’s own federal prosecutors. The prosecutor had collaborated with a legal opinion in favor of 200 families of the Tupinambá ethnic group in Itabuna, Bahia.

Xavier, who is also a delegate, presented a criminal complaint against Ciro de Lopes e Barbuda to the Federal Police in Brasilia “for defending the repossession of indigenous lands in violation of legal provisions,” according to a Folha de São Paulo report.

For the Federal Public Prosecution, the action of the president of FUNAI against Barbuda constitutes “abuse of authority and slanderous accusation,” according to prosecutor Marcus Marcelus Gonzaga, who proposed the closure of the investigation.

With his administration marked by anti-indigenous measures, Marcelo Augusto Xavier da Silva is the target of a request for his removal from office filed in the federal court in Brasilia by the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Apib). 

Eloy Terena, legal coordinator of Apib, stresses that the request, filed on October 5, seeks to denounce the unconstitutional treatment given to indigenous peoples. “We are going to bring to the attention of the Federal Court various acts that the president of FUNAI has been practicing in recent years that range from abandoning the defense of indigenous peoples, acting contrary to the rights of indigenous peoples and persecuting indigenous peoples and organizations,” he said.

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