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Governo autorizou três GLOs no bioma desde 2019

Crédito: Vice-Presidência da República (VPR)

24 Oct 21

Army’s 100 million dollars operations in the Amazon are unable to curb deforestation

Even though it is proven to be Ineffective in slowing deforestation, the Brazilian government continues to be defend the presence of the Armed Forces in the Amazon. Since 2019, there have been three Law and Order Guarantee operations (GLO)  issued by the government. The last one ended in August. Altogether, the three cost R$ 550 million (US$ 100 million)  while environmental devastation broke successive records.

According to Vice President Hamilton Mourão, the military must remain in the field so the country can present “positive numbers” at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-26), which begins Oct. 31 in Scotland. The speech occurred during the last meeting of the Amazon Council, of which Mourão is president, on August 24.

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