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Compra faz parte de ‘orçamento secreto” montado pelo governo

Crédito: Divulgação/MDR

25 Oct 21

Congressman aligned with Bolsonaro participated in scheme to buy tractors with public funds

The purchase of tractors and other agricultural machinery with heavy suspicions of overbilling was financed with public funds from at least 30 parliamentarians, indicates an  investigation of O Estado de São Paulo.

The investigation reached the full list of names crossing information from an internal spreadsheet of the Ministry of Regional Development and a report from the Office of the Comptroller General (CGU), prepared after the newspaper revealed in May that the ministry received R$ 3 billion (USD 600 million)  in amendments to help the government’s allied base in Congress

According to the newspaper, Rep. Vitor Hugo (GO); Senator Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP); and Rep. Domingos Neto (PSD-CE), general rapporteur of the 2020 budget, participated in the scheme.

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