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Indígenas tentavam expulsar invasores de suas terras

Crédito: Apib

Illegal gold diggers have murdered two isolated indigenous in Yanomami territory

According to a report by the Hutukara Yanomami Association (HAY), two indigenous from a group in voluntary isolation (Moxihatëtëma) were murdered by criminal gold diggers in the vicinity of the Yanomami Indigenous Land in Roraima. The information was reported on November 1 to HAY.

About three months ago, the Moxihatëtëma indigenous people allegedly moved to the upper Apiaú river with the intention of expelling the criminals from their territory where a mining operation called “Faixa Preta” is functioning. There was a confrontation during the approach and the indigenous people were shot dead by the miners.

According to information from HAY, more than 100 hectares of forest have already been destroyed by mining in the region.

The Indigenous Missionary Council (Cimi) stated that the growing mining invasion in the Yanomami Indigenous Territory in recent years is responsible for these crimes. “What is happening in the Yanomami TI are crimes against humanity with the direct responsibility of the federal government, more precisely of President Jair Bolsonaro, who recently was in Roraima without showing the least concern for the crimes committed against the Yanomami People,” says the text.

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