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Políticos e empresários ligados ao agronegócio estiveram na comitiva

Crédito: Agência Pará

5 Nov 21

COP26: Brazilian official delegation excludes NGOs, indigenous and environmentalists

Despite being numerous, the official Brazilian delegation at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) drew attention for the complete absence of organized civil society and of the indigenous peoples of Brazil.

According to Jamil Chade’s column, the delegation includes “lobbyists who try to show the ‘green side’ of Brazil, governors, mayors, deputy mayors, deputies, senators, industry representatives, in addition to spokespersons for national agriculture. There are even names “without any explanations”, indicated the column.

President Jair Bolsonaro, who did not attend COP26, explained his absence in a brief note from the Special Secretariat of Social Communication (Secom). “Due to agenda reasons, the President of the Republic will participate in COP26 by means of a video, recorded and already sent to the event organizers,” the text says.


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