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The Taquaperi community occupied a local farm in protest

Credit: Taquaperi Community

24 May 22

Indigenous Guarani Kaiowá man is murdered in Mato Grosso do Sul state

On May 21, 18-year-old Guarani Kaiowá youth Alex Recarte Vasques Lopes was found dead with five gunshot marks in a region where indigenous people are under constant threat and pressure from agribusiness.

In response, his community occupied a farm in Coronel Sapucaia (MS). The Federal Attorney’s Office has not yet made any statement.

In the same region and on the same weekend, Guarani Ñandeva leaders of the Ivy Katu Indigenous Land denounced that their territory was invaded by armed men with tractors, pressuring them to give up the area for soybean monoculture.


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