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Em 10 dias, 4 indígenas foram assassinados

Crédito: Povo Pataxó/via Cimi

13 Sep 22

Four indigenous people are murdered in ten days

Indigenous people of the Guajajara and Pataxó peoples were victims of a series of attacks in the first week of September.

On September 3, in the state of Maranhão, two Guajajara indigenous people were killed and a teenager was wounded. According to Mongabay, Janildo Oliveira Guajajara was killed in an alleged ambush in the municipality of Amarante. On the same day, Jael Carlos Miranda Guajajara was run over in the neighboring municipality of Arame.

On September 4, in Bahia, gunmen shot at a group of Pataxó indigenous people who were trying to retake some areas in the Comexatibá Indigenous Land in the municipality of Prado. A teenager was killed in the attack and another was wounded, according to indigenous leaders.

A week later, a new attack against the Guajajara occurred in Maranhão, targeting Antônio Cafeteiro Silva Guajajara, who was shot to death also in the municipality of Arame.

According to indigenous leaders and socio-environmental activists, the attacks are related to conflicts over land and the pressure exerted by illegal loggers against indigenous territories.

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