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Company is ignoring environmental licensing procedures

Crédito: Airton Morassi/Flickr

3 Nov 22

Petrobras insists on starting exploration in the Amazon coast in 2022

The management of Petrobras, Brazil state-owned oil company, wants to begin exploration along the coast of the state of Amapá this year, even without having fulfilled all the necessary phases for environmental licensing. Environmentalists and federal prosecutors warn that Petrobras has not carried out all the environmental impact studies nor concluded the previous consultations with the various indigenous and riverside communities that could be affected by the operation.

Another decision by the top management at Petrobras also generated resistance from civil society. The board of directors approved the distribution of R$ 43.7 billion in dividends for the third quarter of the year. Unions and representatives of Petrobras workers threaten to go to court to prevent this payment before the beginning of the next government. “Any decision on dividends should be up to the future management of the company, and already considering the guidelines of a new controller,” said the law firm Garcez, which represents oil workers.

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