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Lula said he will try to achieve zero deforestation in Brazil by 2030

Credit: Ricardo Stuckert/PT

16 Nov 22

COP 27: Lula demands resources from rich countries and says fighting the climate crisis will be a priority

The president-elect of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), said at COP27, the United Nations conference on climate, that he “will spare no effort to achieve zero deforestation in our biomes by 2030. According to him, all environmental crimes will be fought against “relentlessly”.

He also stressed that he intends to rescue alliances with South American and African countries, and officially announced the return of the Amazon Fund, paralyzed since 2019 after the current government modified its structure and management mechanisms.

The president-elect also criticized the lack of funding commitment to climate change and the UN’s limitation in solving climate issues: “In 2009, the countries present at COP 15 in Copenhagen committed to mobilize 100 billion dollars a year, starting in 2020, to help the least developed countries to tackle climate change. This commitment has not been and is not being fulfilled,” he said.

Lula also met with youth, leaders of the black and indigenous movements, and civil society organizations.

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