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Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips were murdered in the same region

Credit: Cícero Pedrosa Neto/ Amazônia Real

Illegal fishermen attack indigenous boat and threaten to kill Kanamari woman in Javari Valley

A group of 12 indigenous people (five women, four men and three children) of the Kanamari indigenous people were threatened by three illegal fishermen with guns near the base of the Itacoaí-Ituí Protection Front in the Vale do Javari [Javari Valley] Indigenous Land (Amazonas) on the 9th of this month around 9:30am. A Kanamari woman had a rifle pointed in the direction of her chest by one of the fishermen, who threatened to kill her. Without a weapon, the other indigenous people feared the worst and tried to dissuade him from the crime.

The three fishermen then left, carrying in their boats dozens of tracajás (Amazon turtle) that had been taken from the indigenous land. From a distance they fired five shots at the fuel drums (already empty) of the “canoe” in which the indigenous people were traveling. A second, smaller “canoe” accompanied the attacked boat, bringing the total number of Kanamari people to 30 at the time of the illegal fishermen’s action. The indigenous woman threatened by the illegal fisherman said that the only reason she did not die was because there were several witnesses aboard.

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