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Smoke Signal – Socio-Environmental Monitor is an interactive bilingual timeline which covers governmental performance and civil society responses on issues related to the Brazilian socio-environmental crisis. The tool was launched on the two-year anniversary of the 2018 presidential elections to facilitate the monitoring and understanding of governmental policies on this agenda. 

The content curation is done by a team of journalists and communicators from press reports on mainstream media vehicles in Brazil and abroad, as well as official internet and social media channels from government authorities and entities, NGOs, research institutions and social movements websites, as well as the Official Diary of the Union. Each entry on the timeline links the original sources of the cited information; the timeline is updated on a weekly basis. 

Smoke Signal allows users to customize their timelines according to selected editorials, themes and key words of their choice. This functionality aims to help connect the dots between facts, decisions and consequences on specific issues. Without the pretense of covering the entire socio-environmental news flow, the tool offers selected content to researchers, journalists, environmentalists, activists, teachers, economists, investors, policy makers, NGOs, youth collectives and social movements.  

By categorizing and referencing the events in a monitoring timeline, Smoke Signal also works as an efficient space to bear witness, preserve memory and counter fake news. 


Smoke Signal – Socio-Environmental Monitor is produced in Brazil by Agência Lema, with the general coordination of Rebeca Lerer, research and writing by Julia Alves and Pedro Nogueira as editor and translator.

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