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About Smoke Signal:

Launched in October 2020, Smoke Signal is an independent bilingual platform updated weekly. The initiative systematizes the main facts, news and speeches related to the Brazilian social and environmental crisis. Produced by a group of communicators and activists with support from the Lema agency, the platform allows for the search and “customization” of thematic timelines, by period or key actor. The site also allows researchers, journalists, activists, students and other users to download and archive selected content. Since May 2021, Smoke Signal has opened a work front in New York to articulate, monitor and cover Brazil-US relations, and disseminate content on the socioenvironmental issues in Brazil to English speaking audiences. In addition to serving as a contemporary monitor, Smoke Signal operates as a space to preserve memory and fight disinformation regarding the impacts of the Bolsonaro administration on Brazil’s socioenvironmental protection.


Coordinator: Rebeca Lerer

Editor: Pedro Ribeiro Nogueira

Content: Julia Alves

Smoke Signal in English: Marianna Olinger

Agência Lema:

Design: Gabriel Pasin

PR: Head – Leandro Matulja; coordination – Carolina Bressane; outreach  – Priscila Rosa de Oliveira, Julia Martins, Tchelo Gomez.

Planning: Head – Guilherme Maia; coordination – Rebeca Lerer, Felipe Vaitsman e Marianna Souza; planning – Tayline Oliveira Santos; creation – Julia Alves, Pedro Ribeiro Nogueira, Marianna Olinger e Gabriel Pasin; social media specialist – Leonardo Vitório; media – Daniela Alves Business Intelligence: Luis Sorroche 

Management: Letícia Zioni 

Project Management: Guilherme Rocha

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