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Illegal gold diggers have murdered two isolated indigenous in Yanomami territory

4 Nov 21

Environmental Racism

Smoke Signal publishes report “Backwards with Bolsonaro” on the socio-environmental destruction during Bolsonaro’s three years in office

28 Oct 21


Bolsonaro further loosens regulations on Pesticides through decree

8 Oct 21

Public policies

Bolsonaro lies at the UN General Assembly

21 Sep 21

Conspiracy Theories

In 2020, Brazil ranks 4th in environmentalists murdered

13 Sep 21


Bolsonaro lies and says that rejection of the “Marco Temporal” will end agribusiness in Brazil

26 Aug 21

Conspiracy Theories

Indigenous People Network of Brazil release dossier about Bolsonaro crimes against native Brazilians

16 Aug 21

Environmental Racism

Environmental fines drop by 93% in the Amazon during Bolsonaro’s tenure

19 Jul 21

Public policies

Since 2008, 333 people were rescued from slave labor in gold mining camps

6 Jul 21

Public policies

Amazon reaches new high in fires and Bolsonaro once again summons the Army

2 Jul 21

Public policies

After lawsuit, Bolsonaro signs decree that demarcates quilombola land

28 Jun 21

Environmental Racism

Under Bolsonaro, deforestation is on the rise on Xingu basin

10 Jun 21

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