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In 10 months, Amazon hits annual deforestation record

28 Oct 22


Company associated with Bolsonaro’s youngest son is granted 18 mining licenses in just two days

24 Oct 22

Public policies

Bolsonaro’s Decree curbs FUNAI’S capacities and “practically ends the institution”

10 Oct 22

Public policies

Government cuts 8.2 million from FUNAI after the murder of Dom and Bruno

26 Sep 22

Public policies

Carbon emissions double in the Amazon under Bolsonaro “mainly because of dismantling,” says study

21 Sep 22

Public policies

Businessman gives money to Bolsonaro’s allies while lobbying for mining on indigenous lands

28 Aug 22

Public policies

FUNAI president offers support to member of the military arrested for “renting” indigenous land

25 Aug 22

Public policies

Invasions of indigenous lands increased by 180% under Bolsonaro, study finds

17 Aug 22

Environmental Racism

From 2018 to 2021, firearm registrations increased 219% in the Legal Amazon region

22 Jul 22

Public policies

Bolsonaro releases video in English with false information about deforestation in Brazil

9 May 22

Conspiracy Theories

Law enforcement didn’t answer to 97% of deforestation alerts, study says

3 May 22

Public policies

Federal Police arrest a soldier who occupied the regional coordination of Funai for illegal leasing of indigenous land

17 Mar 22

Public policies
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