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Justice Alexandre de Moraes refers Salles’ impeachment request to the Attorney General Office

24 May 21

Public policies

Supreme Court suspends Funai resolution that restricted indigenous self-declaration

17 Mar 21

Public policies

Supreme Court vetoes bill that authorizes gold digging without environmental impact studies

20 Feb 21

Public policies

Justice Fachin issues vote against eviction of quilombola communities during the pandemic

18 Feb 21

Environmental Racism

After record-breaking deforestation rates, Supreme Court summons president and Environment Minister for explanations

28 Dec 20

Public policies

Supreme Court suspends Conama decisions that deregulate environmental norms

29 Oct 20

Public policies

Covid-19: Supreme Court orders government to protect indigenous peoples

5 Aug 20


NGO denounces Bolsonaro’s unlawful attempts to attack indigenous people’s rights

31 Jul 19

Public policies
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