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COP26: Amazon Fund donors are still suspicious of Brazil COP26 commitments

22 Nov 21


International funds for the Amazon remain stalled after Salles’ exit

10 Jul 21

Public policies

Former Environment Ministers ask european countries aid to mitigate health collapse on the Amazon

27 Jan 21


Bolsonaro confirms Minister Salles as Brazil’s representative at COP-26 in 2021

4 Dec 20


VP takes ambassadors on blindsiding tour to the Amazon

6 Nov 20


Ibama halts forest fire-fighting due to “lack of money” while resources at the Amazon Fund remain frozen

21 Oct 20

Public policies

Federal Prosecution Office files legal action to exonerate the Minister of the Environment

6 Jul 20

Public policies

Vice-president Mourão takes over as head of Amazon Fund, removing Minister Salles

28 May 20

Public policies

Amazon fires turn day into night in São Paulo

23 Aug 19


Norway and Germany walk away from Fundo Amazônia

15 Aug 19

Public policies

Fundo Amazônia at risk of termination

5 Jul 19

Public policies

Political crisis around Amazon Fund deepens

26 Jun 19

Public policies
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