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US announces R$ 2.5 billion donation to the Amazon Fund

24 Apr 23

Public policies

Forest fires rates drop in the first two months of 2023, but Amazon accounts for 90% of them, study says

19 Apr 23


Lula reaffirms that Brazil will meet zero deforestation goal in the Amazon by 2030

12 Apr 23

Public policies

Plan to achieve “zero deforestation” is presented by Lula administration

12 Apr 23

Public policies

Fines for environmental crimes in the Amazon increase 200% in three months

8 Apr 23

Public policies

Deforestation in the first trimester sets a record in the Cerrado and has the second worst rate in the Amazon

7 Apr 23


Supreeme Court justice suspends ‘good faith’ to certify origin of gold sold in Brazil

5 Apr 23

Environmental Racism

FUNAI asks for the suspension if mining concessions that threaten indigenous lands in the Amazon

29 Mar 23

Public policies

Bruno and Dom: Crime mastermind is suspect of having ordered public servant murder in 2019

21 Mar 23

Environmental Racism
Marina Silva caminha junto ao líder yanomami Davi Kopenawa na base federal instalada na terra indígena yanomami, em Roraima, no dia 5 de março de 2023.

Environment Minister defends that Petrobras “cannot continue being an oil company”

13 Mar 23

Public policies

Extreme weather leaves Manaus with eight dead and a trail of destruction

12 Mar 23


More than 19,000 illegal gold miners have been removed from the Yanomami indigenous territory.

8 Mar 23

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