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COP26: Amazon Fund donors are still suspicious of Brazil COP26 commitments

22 Nov 21


COP26: Environment Minister Joaquim Leite says that “where’s there’s forest, there’s poverty”

13 Nov 21


COP26: Brazilian official delegation excludes NGOs, indigenous and environmentalists

5 Nov 21


Smoke Signal publishes report “Backwards with Bolsonaro” on the socio-environmental destruction during Bolsonaro’s three years in office

28 Oct 21


In the Amazon, 75% of deforested areas in public forests became pastures for cattle, study shows

26 Oct 21


Army’s 100 million dollars operations in the Amazon are unable to curb deforestation

24 Oct 21

Public policies

Government starts building an electricity lines in Waimiri Atroari Indigenous Territory

1 Oct 21

Environmental Racism

Funai president becomes defendant in lawsuit for misconduct

22 Sep 21

Public policies

Bolsonaro lies at the UN General Assembly

21 Sep 21

Conspiracy Theories

Supreme court overturns state law that liberated gold digging in Roraima state

15 Sep 21

Public policies

In 2020, Brazil ranks 4th in environmentalists murdered

13 Sep 21


Illegal gold digging on indigenous lands grew 495% in the last ten years

30 Aug 21

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