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COP26: Environment Minister Joaquim Leite says that “where’s there’s forest, there’s poverty”

13 Nov 21


Smoke Signal publishes report “Backwards with Bolsonaro” on the socio-environmental destruction during Bolsonaro’s three years in office

28 Oct 21


IBAMA rejects Ministry of Economy suggestions to loosen environmental rules

27 Sep 21


Silently, new Environment Minister continues Salles’ work

19 Aug 21

Public policies

Bonito, ecotourism major destination, leads deforestation rank in the Atlantic Rainforest

1 Jul 21


Deforestation in Conservation Units rises by 312% in May

15 Jun 21


Congress approves urgency in voting of bill that reopens a road on Iguaçu National Park

9 Jun 21

Public policies

Ministry of the Environment issues non-statutory decree to reduce Atlantic Rainforest protection

12 Jun 20

Public policies

Minister of Environment nullifies his own order to give amnesty to Atlantic Rainforest Destroyers

4 Jun 20

Public policies

Endangered Atlantic Rainforest suffers 30% rise in deforestation

27 May 20

Public policies

Public prosecution asks for the nullification of order that gives amnesty to Atlantic Rainforest destroyers

6 May 20


Minister of the Environment signs amnesty to Atlantic Rainforest destroyers

6 Apr 20

Public policies
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