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Army’s 100 million dollars operations in the Amazon are unable to curb deforestation

24 Oct 21

Public policies

Offshore oil blocks auction near maritime reserves has no bidders, following environmentalists outcry

7 Oct 21


IBAMA rejects Ministry of Economy suggestions to loosen environmental rules

27 Sep 21


Fire in the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park has already ravaged 36 thousand hectares of the Cerrado

24 Sep 21


Bolsonaro lies at the UN General Assembly

21 Sep 21

Conspiracy Theories

Government will hire environmental workers without license to curb environmental crimes

5 Sep 21

Public policies

Bonito, ecotourism major destination, leads deforestation rank in the Atlantic Rainforest

1 Jul 21


Congress approves urgency in voting of bill that reopens a road on Iguaçu National Park

9 Jun 21

Public policies

Bolsonaro’s administration loosens regulations for new developments in Fernando de Noronha National Park

30 Apr 21

Public policies

ICMBio reduces civil society participation in endangered species protection plan

24 Mar 21

Public policies

600 wild animals die under government responsibility due to neglect

25 Feb 21

Public policies

Praised by Salles, Floresta+ initiative has yet to take off

23 Feb 21

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