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COP27 approves Loss and Damage Fund, but remains lacking

20 Nov 22


Environment and Indigenous Peoples technical teams for government transition are announced

17 Nov 22

Public policies

COP 27: Lula demands resources from rich countries and says fighting the climate crisis will be a priority

16 Nov 22


Petrobras insists on starting exploration in the Amazon coast in 2022

3 Nov 22


Norway and Germany announce the return of the Amazon Fund with Lula

2 Nov 22

Public policies

Brazil has the highest increase in gas emissions in almost 20 years

1 Nov 22


Zero Deforestation: Lula goes to COP27 and promises to resume Brazil’s leadership in the fight against climate crisis

1 Nov 22


Brazil elects Lula as its president for the third time ousting Bolsonaro

30 Oct 22


In 10 months, Amazon hits annual deforestation record

28 Oct 22


Illegal mining halts develompment in the Amazon, study says

18 Oct 22

Environmental Racism

Politicians elected in 2022 total R$ 24 million in environmental fines

15 Oct 22

Public policies

Carbon emissions double in the Amazon under Bolsonaro “mainly because of dismantling,” says study

21 Sep 22

Public policies
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