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US announces R$ 2.5 billion donation to the Amazon Fund

24 Apr 23

Public policies

US says it is committed to collaborating with the Amazon Fund

1 Mar 23

Public policies

Lula invites UK and other countries to join the Amazon Fund

30 Nov 22


Bolsonaro releases video in English with false information about deforestation in Brazil

9 May 22

Conspiracy Theories

Bolsonaro lies at the UN General Assembly

21 Sep 21

Conspiracy Theories

Brazilian State governors meet with John Kerry to discuss climate change

30 Jul 21


Federal Police operation frames Ricardo Salles and the Ministry of the Environment

20 May 21

Public policies

Climate Summit: Brazil faces demoralization and lags behind in climate goals

22 Apr 21


Bolsonaro promises, in a letter to Biden, to curb illegal deforestation in Brazil by 2030

14 Apr 21


Salles survives largest ministerial reform during Bolsonaro’s administration

4 Apr 21

Public policies

State governors create coalition to promote partnership with Biden for environmental protection funds

19 Mar 21

Public policies

US elections likely to impact Brazilian environmental agenda

7 Nov 20

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