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Illegal mining halts develompment in the Amazon, study says

18 Oct 22

Environmental Racism

Businessman gives money to Bolsonaro’s allies while lobbying for mining on indigenous lands

28 Aug 22

Public policies

51.1% of Brazil’s gold mining area is in illegal areas

9 Aug 22

Public policies

Illegal gold diggers close the highway BR-163 in protest against the government

13 Mar 22

Public policies

Miners block ICMBio headquarters in Itaituba (PA) against Federal Police operation and are supported by the mayor

23 Feb 22

Public policies

Government keeps 3,500 illegal mining requests in the Legal Amazon in its database

22 Feb 22

Environmental Racism

Illegal gold diggers taint with pollution Alter do Chão, a popular Amazon tourist destination

17 Feb 22


Bolsonaro administration signs two decrees that favor mining activity and gold digging

15 Feb 22

Public policies

With Bolsonaro, deforestation in the Amazon increased by 56.6%, study says

2 Feb 22

Public policies

Mato Grosso State Legislative Assembly approves mining in environmental protection areas

6 Jan 22

Public policies

Illegal gold diggers line 600 mining rafts at Madeira River

24 Nov 21

Environmental Racism

IBAMA measure allows export of 100 thousand tons of lumber; ICMBio hides data

22 Nov 21

Public policies
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