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Biden receives document asking for the suspension of commercial exchange between Brazil and USA

3 Feb 21


Ministry of the Environment budget for 2021 is the lowest in 21 years

22 Jan 21

Public policies

International Biodiversity summit happens without Brazil and criticizes commodities from deforested areas

14 Jan 21


Government gives concession to exploit natural resources at Humaitá National Forest

23 Dec 20

Public policies

Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions rise by almost 10% in 2019

12 Nov 20


VP takes ambassadors on blindsiding tour to the Amazon

6 Nov 20


Supreme Court suspends Conama decisions that deregulate environmental norms

29 Oct 20

Public policies

Ibama halts forest fire-fighting due to “lack of money” while resources at the Amazon Fund remain frozen

21 Oct 20

Public policies

Deforestation alerts in the Amazon reach new high in September

9 Oct 20


Bernie Sanders criticizes US role in projects that endanger traditional communities in Brazil

7 Oct 20

Public policies

Environmental offenders hold public office and run for local elections in Amazon states

7 Oct 20

Public policies

New campaign to curb illegal gold mining and trade

4 Oct 20

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