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Marcha declarou emergência climática durante o Acampamento Terra Livre

Indigenous peoples conquer the new six territories and consolidate public policies during Free Land Camp

28 Apr 23

Alessandra Korap é uma das vencedoras do Prêmio Goldman de 2023

Indigennous leader Alessandra Korap wins Goldman Award

25 Apr 23


FUNAI asks for the suspension if mining concessions that threaten indigenous lands in the Amazon

29 Mar 23

Public policies

Pure Dynamite: Report produced by Observatório da Mineração and Smoke Signal reviews the explosive legacy of the Bolsonaro government’s mining policy

27 Mar 23


Bruno and Dom: Crime mastermind is suspect of having ordered public servant murder in 2019

21 Mar 23

Environmental Racism
De acordo com o relatório apresentado pela Funai, a vegetação alta nas cabeceiras de várias dessas pistas “compromete os procedimentos de pouso e decolagem”. Nas laterais, “dificulta os procedimentos de manobras durante a corrida da aeronave nas pistas, agravando o perigo em condições de emergências de pouso ou decolagem”.

Yanomami Genocide: military refuses to fix 46 landing strips that would help indigenous rescues

13 Mar 23

Environmental Racism

More than 19,000 illegal gold miners have been removed from the Yanomami indigenous territory.

8 Mar 23


Government officials meets with indigenous leaders of the Javari Valley

1 Mar 23

Public policies

Yanomami Genocide: Using federal structure, illegal mining caused a 309% increase in deforestation on Indigenous Land

27 Jan 23

Environmental Racism

Yanomami Genocide: Lula adminstration exonerates indigenous health managers and FUNAI head officers

24 Jan 23

Public policies

Federal Police points that ‘Colombia’ was behind the murders of Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips

24 Jan 23


Yanomami Genocide: government declares public health emergency

20 Jan 23

Environmental Racism
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