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Illegal fishermen attack indigenous boat and threaten to kill Kanamari woman in Javari Valley

16 Nov 22

Environmental Racism

Federal Prosecution Office appeals after release of suspected killer of Bruno and Dom; organizations protest

27 Oct 22


Bolsonaro’s Decree curbs FUNAI’S capacities and “practically ends the institution”

10 Oct 22

Public policies

Yanomami leader killed and teenager injured by illegal miners, denounces association

6 Oct 22

Environmental Racism

Government cuts 8.2 million from FUNAI after the murder of Dom and Bruno

26 Sep 22

Public policies

FUNAI president offers support to member of the military arrested for “renting” indigenous land

25 Aug 22

Public policies

Explosion of illegal mining in the Yanomami Indigenous territory poisons fishes; Government ignores 21 requests for help

22 Aug 22

Environmental Racism

Invasions of indigenous lands increased by 180% under Bolsonaro, study finds

17 Aug 22

Environmental Racism

Dom and Bruno’s case: three new suspects arrested

6 Aug 22


FUNAI president sued for slandering employees

26 Jul 22

Public policies

Dom and Bruno: Federal Police arrests possible mastermind of murders and state court sends the case to the federal justice

9 Jul 22

Public policies

British journalist and indigenous expert have disappeared in the Javari Valley, in the Amazon

6 Jun 22

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