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Congress lower house approves bill that leaves riverbanks in urban areas unprotected

8 Dec 21

Public policies

Drought: waterway is paralyzed in SP; government hires emergency thermoelectric plants until 2025 for R$ 39 billion

11 Nov 21


Giant mining company Vale backs off from mining in indigenous lands

22 Sep 21

Environmental Racism

Congress commission approves Bill 490, that opens indigenous lands to mining and halts demarcation

23 Jun 21

Environmental Racism

Congress approves bill that enables the privatization of the national electricity company

22 Jun 21


Brazilian Parliament approves bill that destroys environmental licensing regulations in the country

14 May 21

Public policies

Ibama caves in to pressure from Belo Monte dam and goes back to liberating minimum flow to the Xingu River

8 Feb 21

Public policies

Shareholders want to drop environmental agency decision to increase water flow from Belo Monte dam

15 Dec 20


After five years, Federal Justice acknowledges Belo Monte dam negative impacts on indigenous peoples

16 Nov 20

Environmental Racism

After Belo Monte dam, Xingu River faces historical drought in Altamira (PA)

27 Oct 20


Government’s bill opens indigenous territories for commercial exploitation

5 Feb 20

Environmental Racism

Brumadinho: dam collapses and cities are covered by toxic mud

25 Jan 19

Environmental Racism
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