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Attack in Yanomami Indigenous Territory leaves one dead and two wounded; government promises to intensify action

1 May 23

Environmental Racism
Marcha declarou emergência climática durante o Acampamento Terra Livre

Indigenous peoples conquer the new six territories and consolidate public policies during Free Land Camp

28 Apr 23

Alessandra Korap é uma das vencedoras do Prêmio Goldman de 2023

Indigennous leader Alessandra Korap wins Goldman Award

25 Apr 23


Pure Dynamite: Report produced by Observatório da Mineração and Smoke Signal reviews the explosive legacy of the Bolsonaro government’s mining policy

27 Mar 23


Marina Silva visits base attacked by gold miners in Yanomami Land and cites ‘immense degradation’ in the territory

4 Mar 23

Environmental Racism

Yanomami Genocide: Lula adminstration exonerates indigenous health managers and FUNAI head officers

24 Jan 23

Public policies

Yanomami Genocide: government declares public health emergency

20 Jan 23

Environmental Racism
This is the Yanomami people that takes care of the forest

Yanomami indigenous people suffer from malnutrition as a result of illegal mining and demand an end to exploitation on their lands

17 Dec 22

Environmental Racism

Illegal mining halts develompment in the Amazon, study says

18 Oct 22

Environmental Racism

Government cuts 8.2 million from FUNAI after the murder of Dom and Bruno

26 Sep 22

Public policies

Businessman gives money to Bolsonaro’s allies while lobbying for mining on indigenous lands

28 Aug 22

Public policies

Indigenous leaders petition the Federal Justice to stop the expansion of mining in the Negro river (AM)

22 Aug 22

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