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Indigenous people under attack: Violence against indigenous people on the rise during November

30 Nov 21

Environmental Racism

Illegal gold diggers have murdered two isolated indigenous in Yanomami territory

4 Nov 21

Environmental Racism

Two Yanomami children dead after drowning near an illegal mining dredger in Roraima

12 Oct 21

Environmental Racism

Funai renews the Piripkura Indigenous Land protection , but for only six months

17 Sep 21

Environmental Racism

In 2020, Brazil ranks 4th in environmentalists murdered

13 Sep 21


Indigenous People Network of Brazil release dossier about Bolsonaro crimes against native Brazilians

16 Aug 21

Environmental Racism

Yanomami man dies after being run over by airplane from illegal gold diggers

30 Jul 21

Environmental Racism

Land-related conflicts reach record high during Bolsonaro administration

31 May 21


Armed illegal gold diggers attack Yanomami Indigenous Land

11 May 21

Environmental Racism

After one year, Indigenous leader Ari-Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau murder remains unsolved

16 Apr 21


In under a month, two Tembé indigenous are murdered in the state of Pará

3 Mar 21


Leader of the Tembé Thenehara indigenous people is murdered by police agents

15 Feb 21

Environmental Racism
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