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Study says that 75% of the deforestation under Bolsonaro is likely to be illegal

11 Apr 23


House of Representatives approves measures that go against the Atlantic Forest and its traditional populations

30 Mar 23

Public policies

Supreme Court overturns Roraima state law that prohibited the destruction of environmental criminals machinery

23 Feb 23

Public policies

Guarani spiritual leader Estela Vera is murdered in Mato Grosso do Sul

15 Dec 22


Anti-environmental caucus grows in Congress and Legal Amazon houses will be dominated by the right after 2023

14 Nov 22

Public policies

In 10 months, Amazon hits annual deforestation record

28 Oct 22


Politicians elected in 2022 total R$ 24 million in environmental fines

15 Oct 22

Public policies

FUNAI president offers support to member of the military arrested for “renting” indigenous land

25 Aug 22

Public policies

Federal court orders FUNAI to remove invaders from the Ituna/Itatá Indigenous Territory

24 Aug 22

Environmental Racism

Devastation in the Amazon: Smoke engulfs the region as deforestation breaks new record

21 Aug 22


Tool launched by Repórter Brasil shows Congress representatives voting on socio environmental matters

16 Aug 22


From 2018 to 2021, firearm registrations increased 219% in the Legal Amazon region

22 Jul 22

Public policies
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