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Congressman aligned with Bolsonaro participated in scheme to buy tractors with public funds

25 Oct 21

Public policies

Indigenous Foundation president uses Federal Police to threaten public servant

22 Oct 21

Environmental Racism

Bolsonaro further loosens regulations on Pesticides through decree

8 Oct 21

Public policies

Fire in the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park has already ravaged 36 thousand hectares of the Cerrado

24 Sep 21


Farming and cattle-raising have invaded 26.5 million hectares of the Brazilian Savanna over the past 36 years

10 Sep 21


Guarani Kaiowá people are under attack by farmer’s henchmen in Dourados (MS)

6 Sep 21


Bolsonaro lies and says that rejection of the “Marco Temporal” will end agribusiness in Brazil

26 Aug 21

Conspiracy Theories

Silently, new Environment Minister continues Salles’ work

19 Aug 21

Public policies

House of Representatives approves bill 2633/20, the Land Grabbing Bill

6 Aug 21

Public policies

House of Representatives approves urgency for “Land Grabbing Bill”

13 Jul 21

Public policies

Deforestation in the Amazon reaches record high for June

9 Jul 21


Bonito, ecotourism major destination, leads deforestation rank in the Atlantic Rainforest

1 Jul 21

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