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Bolsonaro’s administration loosens regulations for new developments in Fernando de Noronha National Park

30 Apr 21

Public policies

Environmental agents criticize license for hotel construction inside coastal protected area

24 Nov 20

Public policies

Federal environmental agency allows construction of resort on endangered turtle’s conservation beach in the Northeast

19 Nov 20

Public policies

Minister weakens protection at Fernando de Noronha national park and attacks congressman with childish remarks

28 Oct 20

Public policies

Oil spill increases coral mortality

26 Nov 19


695 locations are affected by oil spillage

20 Nov 19


Federal Police claims to have unveiled the vessel responsible for oil spillage

1 Nov 19


“Fish are smart”

31 Oct 19

Public policies

Federal universities study impacts of oil spill

24 Oct 19


Greenpeace is targeted with fake news by Minister of the Environment

24 Oct 19

Conspiracy Theories

Federal Prosecution Office calls out ineffectiveness of government on oil crisis

19 Oct 19

Public policies

Oil patches advance threatening protected areas

17 Oct 19

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