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Offshore oil blocks auction near maritime reserves has no bidders, following environmentalists outcry

7 Oct 21


Since 2008, 333 people were rescued from slave labor in gold mining camps

6 Jul 21

Public policies

Bolsonaro’s administration loosens regulations for new developments in Fernando de Noronha National Park

30 Apr 21

Public policies

Petrobras takes over five oil blocks in the Amazon River bought by Total in 2013

10 Feb 21


After promise to stop funding fossil fuel, UK plans to explore oil and gas production in Brazil

6 Feb 21


Rise in oil prices inflates cost of cooking gas canisters

7 Jan 21


Auction of 327 oil blocks threatens indigenous lands and conservation units, warns NGO

4 Dec 20


Environmental agents criticize license for hotel construction inside coastal protected area

24 Nov 20

Public policies

Federal environmental agency allows construction of resort on endangered turtle’s conservation beach in the Northeast

19 Nov 20

Public policies

Minister weakens protection at Fernando de Noronha national park and attacks congressman with childish remarks

28 Oct 20

Public policies

Oil patches pollution still lingering in the Northeast coast after six months

1 Mar 20


Oil spíllage affects 1,000 locations in Brazil’s coast

24 Jan 20

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