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COP26: Brazilian official delegation excludes NGOs, indigenous and environmentalists

5 Nov 21


Brazil ranks fourth all-time in greenhouse gas emissions

27 Oct 21


In the Amazon, 75% of deforested areas in public forests became pastures for cattle, study shows

26 Oct 21


Congressman aligned with Bolsonaro participated in scheme to buy tractors with public funds

25 Oct 21

Public policies

Bolsonaro further loosens regulations on Pesticides through decree

8 Oct 21

Public policies

Funai renews the Piripkura Indigenous Land protection , but for only six months

17 Sep 21

Environmental Racism

Farming and cattle-raising have invaded 26.5 million hectares of the Brazilian Savanna over the past 36 years

10 Sep 21


Guarani Kaiowá people are under attack by farmer’s henchmen in Dourados (MS)

6 Sep 21


House of Representatives approves bill 2633/20, the Land Grabbing Bill

6 Aug 21

Public policies

House of Representatives approves urgency for “Land Grabbing Bill”

13 Jul 21

Public policies

Bonito, ecotourism major destination, leads deforestation rank in the Atlantic Rainforest

1 Jul 21


New Environment Minister is an ally of farmers and has family tied with dispute of indigenous lands

23 Jun 21

Public policies
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