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Study says that 75% of the deforestation under Bolsonaro is likely to be illegal

11 Apr 23


Deforestation in Matopiba region threatens the water supply of more than 300 cities

22 Mar 23


Amidst climate collapse, Brazil’s agricultural and livestock GDP is expected to drop 1.7% in 2022, driven by soybeans

3 Mar 23


Deforestation in the Amazon drops 61% in January, but Cerrado saw only a 10% decline

10 Feb 23

Após receber multa, agricultor retirou a soja que estava mais próxima da escola (área raspada da plantação, no centro da foto)

Pesticides: public bodies carry out ‘silent treatment’ after poisoning at a school in Sinop (MT)

19 Dec 22


14 thousand people were poisoned by pesticides during Bolsonaro’s government

15 Dec 22


Guarani spiritual leader Estela Vera is murdered in Mato Grosso do Sul

15 Dec 22


Deforestation in the Cerrado biome increases by 25% in 2022 and is the highest since 2015

15 Dec 22


Mato Grosso experiences days of terror as the ‘soybean route’ becomes an anti-democratic powder keg

28 Nov 22

Conspiracy Theories

Anti-environmental caucus grows in Congress and Legal Amazon houses will be dominated by the right after 2023

14 Nov 22

Public policies

Politicians elected in 2022 total R$ 24 million in environmental fines

15 Oct 22

Public policies

Tool launched by Repórter Brasil shows Congress representatives voting on socio environmental matters

16 Aug 22

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