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COP27 approves Loss and Damage Fund, but remains lacking

20 Nov 22


COP 27: Lula demands resources from rich countries and says fighting the climate crisis will be a priority

16 Nov 22


Brazil has the highest increase in gas emissions in almost 20 years

1 Nov 22


COP26: Amazon Fund donors are still suspicious of Brazil COP26 commitments

22 Nov 21


COP26: Deal is insufficient to prevent climate change until 2030

15 Nov 21


COP26: Environment Minister Joaquim Leite says that “where’s there’s forest, there’s poverty”

13 Nov 21

Environmental Racism

COP26: Indigenous activist Txai Suruí speaks at the opening of the event

11 Nov 21


COP26: Brazilian official delegation excludes NGOs, indigenous and environmentalists

5 Nov 21


Senate approves the government’s “creative accounting” for environment goals

25 Oct 21


Brazil will have the second largest delegation at COP-26, but without its President

25 Oct 21


Bolsonaro lies at the UN General Assembly

21 Sep 21

Conspiracy Theories

UN rapporteur asks Supreme Court to respect indigenous rights

23 Aug 21

Environmental Racism
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