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Drought: waterway is paralyzed in SP; government hires emergency thermoelectric plants until 2025 for R$ 39 billion

11 Nov 21


Bolsonaro further loosens regulations on Pesticides through decree

8 Oct 21

Public policies

Pantanal wetlands loose 29% of its water surface in 30 years

29 Sep 21


IBAMA rejects Ministry of Economy suggestions to loosen environmental rules

27 Sep 21


Ministry of Economy tries to approve proposals to relax environmental regulations

22 Sep 21

Public policies

Supreme court overturns state law that liberated gold digging in Roraima state

15 Sep 21

Public policies

Farming and cattle-raising have invaded 26.5 million hectares of the Brazilian Savanna over the past 36 years

10 Sep 21


Historical drought affects South, Southeast and Center-West regions of Brazil

13 Aug 21


Congress commission approves Bill 490, that opens indigenous lands to mining and halts demarcation

23 Jun 21

Environmental Racism

Congress approves bill that enables the privatization of the national electricity company

22 Jun 21


Supreme Court vetoes bill that authorizes gold digging without environmental impact studies

20 Feb 21

Public policies

Petrobras takes over five oil blocks in the Amazon River bought by Total in 2013

10 Feb 21

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