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Smoke Signal’s report on mining is featured in more than 350 vehicles and generates debate and hearings in the House of Representatives and in the Senate

10 May 23


Supreme Courts suspends ‘presumption of good faith’ in gold market to curb illegal trafficking

3 May 23

Environmental Racism

Attack in Yanomami Indigenous Territory leaves one dead and two wounded; government promises to intensify action

1 May 23

Environmental Racism
Marcha declarou emergência climática durante o Acampamento Terra Livre

Indigenous peoples conquer the new six territories and consolidate public policies during Free Land Camp

28 Apr 23

Alessandra Korap é uma das vencedoras do Prêmio Goldman de 2023

Indigennous leader Alessandra Korap wins Goldman Award

25 Apr 23


US announces R$ 2.5 billion donation to the Amazon Fund

24 Apr 23

Public policies

Forest fires rates drop in the first two months of 2023, but Amazon accounts for 90% of them, study says

19 Apr 23


Bolsonaro spent only 0.16% of the Union’s budget on the Environment

18 Apr 23

Public policies
Relatório da Comissão Pastoral da Terra mostra que o ano de 2022 foi marcado pelo elevado crescimento nos dados sobre violência contra a pessoa em decorrência de conflitos no campo

Indigenous people were the main victims of conflicts in the rural region in 2022

17 Apr 23

Environmental Racism

Lula reaffirms that Brazil will meet zero deforestation goal in the Amazon by 2030

12 Apr 23

Public policies

Plan to achieve “zero deforestation” is presented by Lula administration

12 Apr 23

Public policies

Study says that 75% of the deforestation under Bolsonaro is likely to be illegal

11 Apr 23

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