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Smoke Signal’s report on mining is featured in more than 350 vehicles and generates debate and hearings in the House of Representatives and in the Senate

10 May 23


House of Representatives approves measures that go against the Atlantic Forest and its traditional populations

30 Mar 23

Public policies

Congressman allied with mining companies and illegal gold miners launch a Parliamentary Front for Sustainable Mining

29 Mar 23

Public policies

Pure Dynamite: Report produced by Observatório da Mineração and Smoke Signal reviews the explosive legacy of the Bolsonaro government’s mining policy

27 Mar 23


New president of congress Environment Commission has already defended illegal miners

15 Mar 23

Public policies

Senate bars Bolsonaristas from leading the Environmental Commission

8 Mar 23

Public policies
Central Nuclear de Garoña, 2013

House and Senate approve the MP that authorizes private participation in the exploitation of nuclear ores

7 Dec 22

Public policies

Special Commission of the House of Representatives holds the Brazilian State responsible for the deaths of Bruno and Dom

30 Nov 22


Bolsonaro’s son attacks Greta Thunberg with fake news

26 Sep 19

Conspiracy Theories

Bolsonaro’s son shares fake news about preservation

20 May 19

Conspiracy Theories
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