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Army’s 100 million dollars operations in the Amazon are unable to curb deforestation

24 Oct 21

Public policies

Government starts building an electricity lines in Waimiri Atroari Indigenous Territory

1 Oct 21

Environmental Racism

IBAMA rejects Ministry of Economy suggestions to loosen environmental rules

27 Sep 21


Ministry of Economy tries to approve proposals to relax environmental regulations

22 Sep 21

Public policies

Government will hire environmental workers without license to curb environmental crimes

5 Sep 21

Public policies

Environmental fines drop by 93% in the Amazon during Bolsonaro’s tenure

19 Jul 21

Public policies

Since 2008, 333 people were rescued from slave labor in gold mining camps

6 Jul 21

Public policies

Amazon reaches new high in fires and Bolsonaro once again summons the Army

2 Jul 21

Public policies

Bonito, ecotourism major destination, leads deforestation rank in the Atlantic Rainforest

1 Jul 21


New Environment Minister is an ally of farmers and has family tied with dispute of indigenous lands

23 Jun 21

Public policies

Ricardo Salles resigns

23 Jun 21

Public policies

Deforestation in Conservation Units rises by 312% in May

15 Jun 21

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