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Smoke Signal’s report on mining is featured in more than 350 vehicles and generates debate and hearings in the House of Representatives and in the Senate

10 May 23


US announces R$ 2.5 billion donation to the Amazon Fund

24 Apr 23

Public policies

Bolsonaro spent only 0.16% of the Union’s budget on the Environment

18 Apr 23

Public policies

Plan to achieve “zero deforestation” is presented by Lula administration

12 Apr 23

Public policies

Fines for environmental crimes in the Amazon increase 200% in three months

8 Apr 23

Public policies

FUNAI asks for the suspension if mining concessions that threaten indigenous lands in the Amazon

29 Mar 23

Public policies

Pure Dynamite: Report produced by Observatório da Mineração and Smoke Signal reviews the explosive legacy of the Bolsonaro government’s mining policy

27 Mar 23


Angra 1 nuclear plant leaked waste in 2022 and Eletronuclear tried to hide the accident, says public prosecutor

24 Mar 23

Fiscais do Ibama apreendem madeira ilegal em operação do órgão

Attorney General allows IBAMA to collect BRL 29 billion in environmental fines

21 Mar 23

Public policies

Serra do Mar State Park in São Paulo state becomes a target of illegal mining

21 Mar 23

Environmental Racism

New president of congress Environment Commission has already defended illegal miners

15 Mar 23

Public policies

Senate bars Bolsonaristas from leading the Environmental Commission

8 Mar 23

Public policies
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