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FUNAI will no longer protect one third of indigenous lands

10 Jan 22

Public policies

Josué Borori Txebuare Karajá, leader of the Karajá Xambioá people, dies

5 Jan 22


Severiano Kedasery, elder of the Tariano people, dies

1 Jan 22


Yet another indigenous prayer house burns down in Mato Grosso do Sul

29 Dec 21

Environmental Racism

Decision that excluded civil society from environmental council is revoked by the Supreme Court

18 Dec 21

Public policies

Land grabbers force indigenous leaders to sign treaty that reduce their territory

2 Dec 21

Environmental Racism

Indigenous people under attack: Violence against indigenous people on the rise during November

30 Nov 21

Environmental Racism

Illegal gold diggers line 600 mining rafts at Madeira River

24 Nov 21

Environmental Racism

COP26: Indigenous activist Txai Suruí speaks at the opening of the event

11 Nov 21


COP26: Brazilian official delegation excludes NGOs, indigenous and environmentalists

5 Nov 21


Illegal gold diggers have murdered two isolated indigenous in Yanomami territory

4 Nov 21

Environmental Racism

Xerente women create the first women’s forest fire brigade in the country

1 Nov 21

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