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Vitor Braz de Souza (esq.), reclamava de barulho de uma festa ilegal

Crédito: Reprodução

15 Mar 22

Vitor Souza, of the Pataxó indigenous people, is murdered in disputed territory in Porto Seguro

Young indigenous man Vitor Braz de Souza, 22, was murdered i after complaining about loud music coming from a illegal party on the beach of Ponta Grande, inside the Pataxó village Novo Guerreiros, in Porto Seguro, Bahia state, where he lived. The noise was disturbing his newborn son from sleeping.

Called Sigilo Fest, the event took place in a territory claimed by the Pataxó, but not yet approved by Funai, according to an article published by Folha de S. Paulo.

The Police identified the person who fired the shot, a non-indigenous man, based on the statements of witnesses, but the suspect is still at large.

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